SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Real-Time Live! Full scenario and feedback

Full mix version:

Start in real

Hello everyone! My name is Akihiko Shirai, Director of GREE VR Studio Lab. We will be presenting: “Global Bidirectional Remote Haptic Live Entertainment by Virtual Beings” This is my first SIGGRAPH in Australia. and I want to show our real time live demo beyond the pacific ocean. First of all I would like to transform into my avatar!

Switch to Virtual

Lea: Hello Everyone! Yay! I would like to introduce my friends! MilkyQueen.

<OBS: Virtual Cast over 7,000km>

That’s end of the show but…

Here are some feedback.

“Kanpai” after the show. Mr. Iwaki, Yamazaki, Koike and Shirai



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